Tuesday, February 09, 2010


we knew the little guy wasn't feeling good when he started asking to sleep. he was already coughing quite a bit and he had a bit of a fever. sunday, he was quite bad off so we were told to take him to the emergency room at st. anthony's.

i'll refrain here from my health care rant, because it's a politically charged hot button. suffice to say that our visit sunday did nothing to change my mind about the systems we have in place.

after a few hours, we were finally discharged. the little guy has pneumonia and both ears are infected. he's such a trooper, though. he rarely whines or complains about feeling bad. he's been taking his medicine and underneath the runny nose and the hacking, he's all eli.

nothing sharpens the attention like a serious health issue. it's funny, when one of the kids are sick, i start watching every move, listening to every breath...it's a sort of hyper intensity that i don't think i ever achieve at any other time.

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me said...

amy had pnuemonia in december. she was weak. poor lil guy. hope he heals quickly!!!