Wednesday, February 03, 2010

kids with big shoes, castlewood mountain biking

as i was trying to clean my "office" tonight, i heard the ripping sound of velcro and then clip-clopping that can only be some hottie walking down the stairs in fmp's or someone walking in cycling shoes. lucky for me, it was the latter. eli loves to walk around in the grownups shoes and he just looked so funny in them i took his photo. then he asked if he could ride my trainer.

although it was "warm" today (a balmy 38 degress), i wanted to ride my mountain bike. one thing for certain...the gravely climbs at castlewood are always solid enough to ride on. i try to climb some hills at least once a week so the trip out to the 'wood seemed like a good idea.

it was sort of a good idea. i pedaled around on the pavement to warm up a bit and of course i noticed all of the mud and water on the sidelines. and from the vantage point of the park road, the lone wolf climb looked soaked! as i approached it, it wasn't was frozen, glazed over with ice. ah. well. so i climbed it anyway. and it was good. a bit slippery, but it was a nice kind of slippery that allowed me to practice technical climbing. once at the top, it was evident that i wasn't going any further. i just did that a few times and rolled over to the grotpeter climb. facing the other direction, there was no ice and certainly no mud, being made up entirely of rock and gravel. so, i climbed that a few times.

once my pathetic legs turned to cream cheese, i limped back to the dodge ram quite satisfied that i had no mud on me nor my bike, and i left no trace.

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