Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday afternoon

a very nice day, weather wise, on saturday. eli is still getting over his bout with pneumonia, so we did have to limit the outside time. we had to stop by 7-11 on our way out to get the slurpee's and gum. the dogfish hat kept his little ears warm.
all happy from slurpee infusions, the kids were ready to go. where? anywhere but home.
mrs k finally got a chance to drive her future vehicle. the kids were all over the dealership, and lucky for me eli kept running around the new mustangs (a 2010 gt and gt500) which makes me truly believe he is my child.
a quick stop at quizno's so hanna could test out her new theory on how many cheetos she could hold in her mouth while maintaining a straight face. deanna was also trying an alternative theory, how many cheetos she could put in her mouth and keep it closed. i did not participate in the testing, choosing to swallow my cheetos instead.

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Chris said...

Please tell me you took advantage of the 2 for 2 on snacky cakes?