Wednesday, July 15, 2009

today is a better day

i'm not sure why, but yesterday was just a crabby day for me. man, nothing went right, and i wasn't in the mood for it.

that made me darn happy that the rain didn't spoil the crit. usually, a good hard effort is what i need to get out of a dark day. i rode terribly hard last night, and although my finish didn't show it, i was aggressive as i ever get. i chased. i bridged. i jumped for nothing at all sometimes. that may seem silly to those that actually know how to race, but it made me feel better. as my spleen was exploding and my liver was crying out for vodka, i just went harder.

the beautiful mrs k and the kids were watching and when it was all over, we stopped and got snow cones. mmmm, banana snow cone. that made me feel marginally better, so i limped home and had a real banana.

today started better and has gone exceptionally well. even with the sketchy weather.

let's have more days like today.

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Dan Schmatz said...

I have to take the piss because that's what I do.

Next time race smart then have a vodka mix drink. You could prolly do some sort of snow cone vodka mix drink.