Wednesday, July 01, 2009

roller skating

again with the bad camera phone photos. there's a roller skating place in south county and we took the kids there tonight. sad to say, but i was a part of the roller skating phase that swept the country around the middle-late 70's. me and the boys used to hit the maplewood baptist church gym every friday night for roller skating. enough about me...that's hanna on the ground and tyson hugging the wall on the right in yellow.
deanna got a workout holding on to the kids. eli tried his hand at skating and had less luck than the big kids. that's him, all ablur in the center. tyson's head and shoulders fell off during his skating session.
hanna, aka, rollergirl. she was tentative at first but gained her skating legs as time went on. she'll be back next time to tear up the rink. i'll be back, too, and hopefully i'll not get stuck talking to an old guy about rubik's cubes.

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