Monday, July 06, 2009

a good photo of us

a good photo from saturday's carnival

the beautiful mrs k and i got out for a ride on sunday. it's been quite a while since that has happened. katie and kevin took the little guy 'to the country' for a few hours. since we had to go that direction anyway, we started out at greensfelder, took old route 66 to OO, old manchester, bouquet, melrose, and then back to allenton. deanna was saying unkind things to me at regular intervals on this ride, but i must say i didn't think much about it being hilly. sorry, honey.

after our ride, we headed out 'to the country' ourselves and enjoyed k & k's hospitality, as well as a giant bag of fireworks from hanna's mom. wow. fireworks sure have gone well beyond firecrackers and snap-n-pops.

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