Friday, July 17, 2009

fleecing at six flags

this is a story of a family separated from their money in search of good fun.

the beautiful mrs k and i took the big kids to six flags today. i really, really didn't have the time to do it...friday's are always so busy. but, some things a man's gotta do. so we did.

we had to leave the little general behind. he just wouldn't be good in the six flags/waiting in long lines kind of position. he'd end up biting park personnel. or crawling up on the timbers of the screamin' eagle while we were getting a frozen lemonade. you just never know.

hanna and tyson are now big enough to ride almost everything. well, hanna is big enough, there are one or two rides that tyson misses by an inch or so. mostly, we all like roller coasters, and our six flags has every roller coaster made. mine train, screamin' eagle, the ninja (schvonzie's personal fave), the boss, evel knievel, and i guess you can count batman and mr. freeze as coasters, too. our favorite was evel knievel. it's so fast and yet quite smooth.

the best part about our six flags trip? lack of crowds. let's face it...the cool weather is a godsend to a theme park, but when there isn't anyone between you and the next coaster ride, it's heaven. we waited in one line longer than 10 minutes, and that was for the scooby doo ride where you shoot stuff with your laser. otherwise, we zipped right in, sometimes twice, within 5 minutes. the park takes on a whole new personality when you aren't squeezing between people for 6 hours.

i spouted off last year about my disappointment in six flags, so i'll keep this brief: when people pay the money that this place charges, i think we should expect some things. like cleanliness. like a courteous staff. why? $24 to $36 for entry per person. $15 for parking in a lot that looks like it has been to war and back. mandatory bag check ($1) for certain rides now. every where you turn within the confines of the six flags compound, you are fleeced. word on the streets is that the theme park is near bankruptcy. they must not be spending our money well...or are patrons fleeing the fleecing by the thousands?

it was fun. but i wonder how long it will be there.

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