Friday, July 03, 2009

personal happenings

lest you think that the k household is only for kids and their carnage, i figured i'd let you know what else goes on lately.

it's been a tough week for the ebay biz. it's sort of hard to judge listings around the holidays. one has to make sure that they don't end when everyone is:

1) drunk (new years eve)
2) having sex (valentine's day)
3) sad (memorial day)
4) crazy (4th of july)
5) drunk (labor day)
6) scared (halloween)
7) fat and sleepy (thanksgiving)
8) opening boxes containing the same things that you're trying to sell them (x-mas)

so i have to think in 7 day cycles (sometimes 10), plus think about what's happening on that day. anyway, boo hoo for me, my mind has been mush.

and, i have to say that although my body says differently, my racing is not bad a the moment. it's very funny that i haven't turned a pedal in anger in weeks except to race. in fact, there hasn't been much pedaling going on except racing. it looks as if my steady diet of coke, chocolate covered granola bars with peanut butter on top, starbucks doubleshot energy drink (vanilla), and 5 hours of sleep is really working for me.


cooplmhc said...

I was googling PRP shots with Dr Crane and I came across your blog on January 14. I am going to have the PRP/fat injections in August and wanted to know if they numb you at all when they take the fat and how much they take...ouch! Your photo looks like they took a BIG Chunk out of your side. Also, did it help you and did you need more than one set of injections? I'd appreciate the scoop. Thanks

TK said...

it's not pretty. they do what they can, but there isn't much numbing to it. the area is small. the pain is much more from the injections than the extraction of the fat. it hurts thinking about it more than the actual process, but it's not pleasant. good luck, i hope it does you some good.