Monday, July 13, 2009

sac river race

i returned to sac river for the first time since 2004 on sunday. on the last occasion, the beautiful mrs k and i were just dating and she went with me. this time, i had john 'breakin' the law' twist as my companion.

we had to leave pretty early, since springfield is all the way down the state toward oklahoma. john was not foolin' around, either. he actually broke the speed limit on the way there. i'm familiar with the dakota and the prowess of the 3.9, but i must say that i raised an eyebrow as we barrelled down 44 at 80 mph. would it hold together??

hold together it did, and we were treated to that beautiful, rocky ozark geography that is sac river. rocks, roots, up, down, plate rock, shale, pine's got it all. the turnout was less than stellar, but the rain missed us and the race was awesome. they lumped together the young and old experts and i tried my hand at racing for the lead. i never got there, and i only hung in with the young guns for 2/3 of a lap. i settled in and enjoyed the race, winning my age group and placing 5th overall. fun, fun, fun. john took a wrong turn, as it was pretty easy to do here, and was out of the race. bummer, because he was beating the sport class with a stick when he veered off course.

ahhh, mountain biking. wish i could do more of it.

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