Sunday, July 26, 2009

rock bridge

john 'i can't break the law if i don't drive" twist and i took yet another trip out of st. louis to race our mountain bikes. the kaiser was supposed to join us, but commitments took their toll and he had to decline. so i drove the family truckster.

columbia is always farther than you think. in my mind, it's an hour and a half. maybe it was an hour and a half when i had a V8. now it's two hours, solid. but no matter, we still made the race with time to spare.

i brought along my nifty new 'water tower' water bottle holder. it's an easy way to get a bottle while racing. two bottle cages on a pole, simple.

there was a fair turnout of riders, specifically the murderous john matthews and the old man of cycling, ethan froese. the old guys mixed it up with the young guys after a fast start. the course was so rough and bumpy that it was tough to take smooth lines. it was true mountain biking, sort of in the same vain as st. joe state park. somehow i was able to get away in the third lap for the old man victory, but not before missing my own water tower the first time around. curses! that's ok, it was my fault, not the towers. i'll hone my bottle snatching ways for the next race.

we received cool 'show me state games' medals, but no cash. curses, times two!

john and i stopped at wendy's on the way home, just because. now my greasy burger fix has been satiated for a while.


Ethan said...

and a fine ride you did young man. You killed it that 3rd lap. Most impressive.

TK said...

when john and i saw you coming, there was an air of panic! hats off to you and butthead for some great racing.

Anonymous said...

Great work! I used to ride out in Rock Bridge in my younger "mountain bike in Columbia" days. Did you visit the Devil's Icebox while there?