Thursday, September 11, 2008


let's face it...i'm no old english sports car fan. sure, i can give the nod to a cool old car, but the bad build quality, abysmal electrics, and wheezy engines of most of the old english cars just turns me off. but this.... a website called has this beauty on it right now. it's a 1974 MGB-GT, completely pimped out with a fully welded and braced body, killer suspension, and the good part, a ford 302 crate engine.
the detailing on this thing is exceptional. british cars WISH they were this good from the factory.

wow, what a killer rear! and yes, that's real wood for the parcel shelves and bins in the back. completely sanitary execution.

and to prove it's not all engine, here is a shot of the suspension upgrades. there's also a panhard rod in the rear. the bracing and reinforcing is top notch, too.
with examples like this, i could be an english car fan...

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