Saturday, September 27, 2008

las vegas illustrated

as i said before, our room in vegas was incredible. it was more like an apartment without a kitchen than anything.
the bathroom was great. the door on the left was the toilet (sorry, chris, no beday), on the right was a tub and separate glass shower, and on the lower left was a makeup table. his and her sinks, of course.
just one of the many near-gothic structures that tower over the city. just because.
everything is in lights, and everything is on a super sized jumbotron. the gnp of a small country is needed for just the jumbotrons in vegas.
circus circus. all of the old buildings are still intact, butted up against the new circus circus hotel in the rear. deanna's grandparents called this their favorite place to gamble, and i actually walked through this very structure while attending the bmx world championships in vegas in 1982. i stayed at the tropicana, which had a small convention hall where the race was held. i got fifth place.

ah, rock racing. the graphics alone make you want matter what kind of bike it is.

the beautiful mrs k, standing in front of the canal in the grand canal area of the venetian. the "sky" is actually painted ceiling, but it's real water and real gondolas taking people for a ride in the canal.

just your typical tourist in vegas. we gambled one night with ccm and mcd, drank a couple of beers, and called it a night. sometimes we're just old.

more gothic architecture. walkway over the grand canal outside under the real sky.

everything is on such a grand scale. you can't just have fountains next to the outdoor restaurant, you have to have lavish waterworks, with a backdrop of the wynn hotel and the ipod structure.

self portrait. we have no photos of ourselves, so this has to do.

a nice man offered to take our photo, as he saw us struggling with the self portraits. this one turned out pretty good. it was actually only moments before we left the hotel for the airport. we were glad to be going home to a less gothic structure. unfortunately, there are no maids at home. fortunately, a bag of potato chips is not $13.


Lynchmob said...

I know you spent some quality time in the Venetian suite, but your faithful readers are expecting some major bling photos!!! The Rock Racing De Rosa is not going to do it.

Here are mine from 2004, 2005, 2006

TK said...

so sorry. i didn't think many of my readers cared about bike stuff. what say you, readers?? you KNOW i'm a bike geek and i can put LOTS of bike stuff on here...but i don't want to bore anyone.