Monday, September 01, 2008

bike racing, gateway cup, the finale

the fourth and final day of the gateway cup was in the u city loop. i opted out, not because the course is hard, but because i was tired and not motivated. the kids were super excited to race, so it was important for me to be there for them. it was a hot, sweltery day, and for some reason the good folks of u city decided to remove all follage and trees from the loop area. curious. and hot. luckily, we had the ghisallo tent parked there right next to the dogfish tent. hanna, eli, and tyson, taking full advantage of the tent and a blanket. they were a bit bored waiting for their races. it doesn't take much to amuse eli, though. he had plenty of company to keep him amused, like austin's sister flannery, katie, kevin, and even keith. eventually, the kids suited up and they got ready to race. there were 8 girls in hanna's race, and 9 boys in tyson's.
these are the little tykes. if you look in the middle, the little guy hugging the yellow lines is little farrell, decked out in his dogfish attire. i think he busted through this little pack and got first or second. or maybe he just grinned a lot, just as well.

hanna, tyson, and steve's little boy, all with their medals. it was an exciting and exhausting weekend, and i'm very proud of our little racing crew. hanna went 4 for 4, winning every race by quite a margin. she really wants to branch out and do some longer races, and more triathlon events as well. tyson went second again today, making 4 days, 4 seconds. consistency is the name of the game here, folks!

a little video for you...the first is tyson's race, the next is hanna.

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