Thursday, September 18, 2008

cannondale shenanigans

i've been riding the wheels off of the new cross bike. it's set up pretty close to the way my orca was, slightly higher and slightly shorter for actual 'cross racing. really, besides having a bit longer wheelbase than a normal racing bike, it's darn racy. and stiff. and good looking.

nevertheless, i had to configure it for the big 'cross race in hermann this saturday. that meant mounting up the tubular 'cross wheels and putting on the spd pedals.

which meant i had to give it a try this morning.

which lead to a snapping of a certain dura ace rear derailleur.

at first, i cruised around a while, marveling at the smooth ride of low-pressure tubies. ah, so nice. i did a few dashes across some grassy fields, hopped a few stairs, and found a little dirt path to carve some turns. and a stick flipped up. right into the rear derailleur. i pedaled. it caught. and it broke. i walked home.

time elapsed: 17 minutes.

lesson learned: no matter how cool your bike is, it is not immune to random acts of senseless dura ace destruction.

i shoulda just put an ultegra on there in the first place....


kirk r said...

Pictures of destruction are always appreciated....especially if it is expensive damage.

TK said...

i thought about that...about an hour after i zinged it into the trashcan.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you sell the whole bike. No doubt the bad juju has spread throughout the bike. Send it out here. Now.