Thursday, September 18, 2008

burnin' at the bluff

so we finally got our ducks in a row. it looks like i may, for the first time, get to race the 12 hour event at council bluff.

my team? dan and chris. we can turn in some fast laps and have a great deal of fun doing it. they're flying in from the great state of colorado, so i'm hoping mother nature gives me a handout because i can't back out.

we are actually going to set up camp with a couple more ghisallo guys who were kind enough to lend us some space. thanks jfp! it looks like we will also be able to cheer on mitch the masher on his solo attempt.

i'm so excited!!!!


kirk r said...

Good luck TK and say HI to Mitch for me too!

TeamSeagal said...

Damn right you're racin' Burnin' at the Bluff! This year will be AWESOME. Be sure to stop by our site (the 2 sites closest to the start/finish) for tasty liquid refreshment!

-C. Ryback

TK said...

yeeeaaah! it'll be a hoot. let me guess....PBR??