Monday, September 29, 2008

samsung: japanese for not going to the laundry mat

the kenmore washer that once occupied this space was 8 years old. it lead a hard, hard life. for the past 3 years, it averaged 3 loads of laundry a day. A DAY! so it came as no surprise that the door switch was getting wacky. finally, the darn thing wouldn't tell the washer to spin at all. so i rigged it. then i rigged it more. when it stopped being rig-able, i set about replacing it. that's when i realized that the evil minds at kenmore had a full wiring harness attached to the lowly door switch. yes, ladies and gentleman, the entire wiring harness had to go to replace the $4 switch.

"hello, lowes?"

now these front loaders are supposed to be quiet. check. they are supposed to be efficient. well, i can only see a little water trickle in now and then. check. and they are supposed to clean clothes like your mom. every bit of clothing that has come out of this thing tonight is squeaky clean smelling. check, and double check! woo, hoo! clean laundry, and i'm spending less money!

....let me have this moment. it's the little things in life that matter.


Tosh said...

"samsung: japanese for not going to the laundry mat"

Umm... You mean,

"samsung: S. KOREAN for not going to the laundry mat"?!?!


TK said...

yeah, sure! that's what i meant!