Sunday, September 07, 2008

greensfelder mountain bike race

you could have blown me over with a feather after i took my warmup lap at greensfelder this morning. the area got over 3" of rain, more in some cases, just thursday. it was spectacular. the twisting, technical course was even more fun because the dust was settled and the rocks were more planted. jeremie meitz took some darn good photos at the race, and had them posted mere hours after the event was over. thanks, jeremie!! this is early in the race, but you can tell i'm hurting already. the start was brutal...a gravel road leadout with the pirtle (malachi) brothers, davey b, chris ploch, yogurt, and the ever present drj crew in attendance. again, 21 experts showed up to do battle.
i think jeremie liked this particular spot, or maybe he liked taking photos of me while i was all out of sorts. i can't claim to have greensfelder dialed, but i was taking most sections very well. this WAS NOT one of them. in fact, my riding helped my placing today much more than my legs did.

a little body english from the fat guy. (don't the new ghisallo kits look grand??) although my lead in to this section was sketchy, i was pretty happy with my exit. i can count on one hand the areas of the trail that gave me trouble, which is quite good for me. again, just like cape, my race came down to wes and i for 4th place. i made it happen with a well-timed sprint on the gravel road and single track to the finish line. whew, that was close.


Chris said...

Congrats...I know you've been itchin' to ride the dirt and it sounds like things went well for you.

What bike is that?

TK said...

it's the f3. hardtail, baby!