Saturday, February 11, 2006


this is hanna and tyson, my precious little twerps.

hanna is six, and she has a really small head and really big eyes...sort of like an anime character. she was in town today to check out a modeling agency. even if she doesn't make it onto a magazine cover, she's still the most beautiful girl in the world. her report card from kindergarten was stellar. she climbs hills on the super-orange retro raleigh better than fb does.

tyson is four, and his birthday is two months away. he has a really big head and little eyes...sort of like his body hasn't caught up with his head yet. he is really cute when he smiles, like the character on mad magazine, only smarter. he adds and subtracts as well as some of the guys i work with, and his handwritting is better than ed's or eubanks'.


Schvonzie said...

I guess i will be the one to comment first on your daughter. No seriously, the last time i saw Hanna, she was still rollin in a car seat and waddling around after just learning to walk. Ah, memories.

tk said...

she's grown a lot. still a bit young for you though, ba.