Friday, February 10, 2006

damn skirt

oh, jesus. i swear to god time just stands still when i'm on the trainer. tick....tick....tick. what the hell?

i wish i could take off my skirt and go ride in the cold. i'm always cold! at work, i have to fight it out with my pillow-biter mechanic co-workers. fb is always hot, and full of hot air. we argue all the time about the heat. we have one of those electronic thermostats, and it beeps every time you change the setting. fb hears the beeps and gets sand in his v and starts moaning about how hot it is. so i find myself negotiating for heat with this hydro-cephalic bufoon. i'm glad your stupid bike hasn't shown up, fb.

frickin', another co-worker, is another pain. he's always spouting off about me not having any body fat, which is why i'm cold. me? no body fat?? well, comparitively, maybe not. but frickin' maybe should be doing a little introspection and perhaps contacting ms. craig about a lifestyle change.

...the boxes, no, are not putting themselves away.

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