Thursday, February 23, 2006

not quite like elmer fudd

this is rosco's morning ritual. he bounces out to the edge of the deck and sits quietly, very, very still. he hardly moves a muscle. now and then, he'll rotate his ears a bit, maybe tilt his head. he's hunting squirrels. when the moment is right, he bounds off of the deck, hitting only 1 of the 5 steps going down to the ground, and the chase is on. if acceleration was the only factor, he'd catch them. but short legs don't win dog/squirrel races.

meanwhile, back inside.......rudy is rooting for rosco. really.


Nik said...

Is that a Cairn Terrier? I love the toto dogs.

tk said...

nik, no they are yorkies. sorta reminds you of a cairn, though.