Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i took the scale apart to give it a proper build-up. i took the opportunity to put the scale on the scale, and it came out to a whopping 2lb 6oz...egad! that's light! that there carbon fiber stuff is awesome! i was just going to put it together with the same build kit that it came know, fox f80x, juicy carbon disc brakes, ritchey carbon post and bars, etc. but then, i thought, why not go for really light? i'll post it up when it's done, because i'm hoping for sub-21lbs out of this thing. i should be able to do that without sacrificing much strength or durability.
my next bit of erotica, if you can call it that, is my new road frame. it's a 2006 cannondale caad8 frameset, to replace my 2005 saeco caad7 frameset. yes, yes, perhaps not erotica to most. but, i fit the 55cm cdale like a glove, and this is the official big shark racing team bike....not that i'm on big shark racing.

my saeco frameset came with an aluminum steerer tube fork. i'm a fan of it because it's reasonably light and quite stiff. i'm also a bit of a stick in the mud for durability. i'm touchy about the whole clamping down the stem on the carbon steerer thing, but the new caad8 frameset comes with not only a carbon steerer, but it's full carbon, even the tips. yikes. time to get over my fear of lightweight stuff, eh? this thing came out to be only 3lbs, 5oz. on the scale...that's frame and fork!

i'm sure local riders are going to get tired of the bsr cannondales around here, but i like the look of this version...sort of a blue/black fade. another version that will be seen around town is a brushed aluminum that i think is equally attractive.

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Daniel B. said...

Bike porn alert!!

Those are some rockin' rides. That Scott is out of control.