Friday, February 17, 2006

to infinity, and....

spurred on by my hour-long hyperactive ride yesterday, i set out to do some AT intervals today. not outside, of course. it's like, what, 24 degrees this morning??

i did my classic interval-day warmup, which is 25 minutes long, gradually increasing the gearing every few minutes. i stand every 5th minute on the trainer to keep life as i know it in the family jewel department. i have settled upon 166bpm as my AT, i don't have a power meter, so i am resigned to using such old school methods.

in my present state of tune, 166bpm corresponds to 53/17 @ 95rpm. actually, i may be moving beyond that, as today i had no trouble doing the drill, which is 5 minutes at AT, followed by 2 minutes of rest, times 4, for a total of 20 minutes at AT. i am very curious about using a power meter to track progress, however. i read all over the net about riders and thier outputs and would love to track my own improvements that way.

i could see it now... "honey, i'm going to spend $xxx on a power meter, so maybe we should cut back on the heat and maybe tell the kids that they should put water on their cereal for the next couple of months, oh and you should catch a ride to work because gas is getting pretty expensive..." uh, no.

i'm excited to be "training" again. i haven't really done any organized training in the last few years. maybe 2006 will be a great year!

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Daniel B. said...

TK: Back and badder then ever!

You should rule the MO NORBA series with an iron fist 2006.

I hate that "word verification" crap to comment. If it's activated on my blog, I'm taking it off.