Wednesday, February 08, 2006


yeah, flurries. that's what the weatherman said. only i don't believe him, because flurries usually result in, well, no snow. there is 2" of snow on my deck. i've always wondered how weathermen can be paid so well. we've all said it before..."i'd like to get paid really well and only get the job done right 50% of the time!"...i think the 50% part MAY be generous....

i found out yesterday that the local/state mtn bike series has sort of done away with age groupings. i know, i know, it kind of sounds like triathlon, where everyone's a winner when they age group stuff. but, it's been that way for a couple of years now. in our region, it seems like 34 and under and 35+ is the most common grouping. it's tough for older guys to beat the fast young guys, especially for the 40+ dudes. but, i've managed to do pretty well. i usually target the fastest young'uns instead of my own age group. i did pretty well passing through most of the pups...i love to hear 'em groan when they realize an old dude is passing 'em. sometimes i say stuff like, "i was racing before you were born"...i love that one. anyway, if they group us all together, age doesn't matter. let the fastest wipper-snapper win, i guess. that's fine. i think i'm game this year.

not helping my quest for whoopin' the young guys is the "flurries." well, really, winter doesn't help me at all. i'm a pussy. anything less than 40 degrees and i'm on the i was this morning. no "good morning america" while i'm on there, though. this morning it was "korn, peachy", a throwback cd to the days when ethan, neumann and i used to gather in ethan's basement and pound out intervals on the trainer.

off to work. the boxes don't unpack themselves, you know.

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