Friday, November 27, 2009

my new favorite hat

i went riding today with ethan and he brought along a very nice gift for me. the outdoor exchange was his brainchild back in the 90's. it was a sporting goods consignment shop in webster groves, and one of his specialties was bikes. he did camping stuff, some ski's, and various other outdoor goods. of course, my interest was the bike stuff. i would go in there and hang out with he and mr. pat collier, usually after a good ride.

i have been drinking out of outdoor exchange glasses for years now, but one of my boys broke the last one just recently. and, i had been wearing some socks and arm warmers with the logo's, too, but they all finally bit the dust. so imagine my joy at having one of these babies.

thanks, ethan. i'm back in the outdoor exchange promotion business, even if there isn't an outdoor exchange to promote!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Perhaps I will enjoy a fine pint out of MY Outdoor Exchange glass this evening.

Yes.....I shall.