Monday, November 16, 2009

disney 2005 (not 2009!)

probably my favorite photo of all time. same exact spot on the beach that we went to on saturday (cocoa beach) in 2005 with tyson and hanna. look how tiny those squirts were!
us in front of the castle at magic kingdom. it's hard to believe how big they've gotten.
and the waves came crashing in! they enjoyed the water more than eli did, he was PISSED that the water tasted so salty!
a fun photo from the hotel/condo that we stayed in. i embellished the photo because i thought it looked like flames were coming from tyson's fiery red hair.
deanna and the squirts taking tentative steps toward the water for the first time.
poor little hanna was so easily spooked in those days. she was very wary of the water. she has grown so much, and now she is quite daring in a lot of ways.
i'm so glad i had these photos left over from that trip 5 years ago. it's amazing to see the changes and the similarities. tyson was no older than eli was when we hit the beach last weekend. i'll see if i can steal some of this year's photos from deanna's camera and post them.

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Ted C. MacRae said...

My gosh - you look 5 years younger than I remember!