Thursday, November 05, 2009

happenings of late

this is not actually john's car, but it's close enough.

i've ridden my bike 3 times this week, which is a 60 day record i believe. monday was a spin to get the soreness out of my body from the cross race. wednesday was a nice south county ride in the hills. today was a castlewood mtb ride.

riding in south county is a bit treacherous right now. well, there's always the truck drivin', ass kickin', bike unfriendly contingent to be concerned with, but water has made a lot of good routes unridable. meramec bottom road spoiled my wednesday ride, but it caused me to ride farther so that can't be all bad.

castlewood was a leaf lovers dream. right now, at this very moment, you can't see trail. only leaves. that said, good old castlewood is dry as a bone. still a good ride, despite the dangers lurking under the leaves.

met up with john rines today to get a little business taken care of, and i was able to behold his magnum srt8...6.1 liters and 425hp of fury. and it's a wagon. and it's red. really red. i'm smitten.

i was able to clean out the basement the last couple of days. good lord, human beings accumulate so much stuff! maybe i can relieve us of more junk tomorrow, but it's a sketchy proposition because you cannot let the kids know that you're throwing something away that they haven't played with in years.

dwayne came by yesterday to check out our kitchen. the builders didn't put in an exhaust fan in the kitchen, so we get smoked out if the oven isn't completely clean. i would be a happy man if i had an exhaust fan. and that rhymes.

non-paying ebay members are bad, m-kay?

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Anonymous said...

Nice car. Personally, I'd like to see a Magnum R/T with AWD and twin turbos. But that's just me, and I'm biased, heh heh.