Sunday, November 15, 2009

disney 2009

eli's first trip on an airplane was to walt disney world in orlando. he was very excited, and wore the appropriate clothing to show his spirit.
this was teddy's first trip too, and he had to obey the rules just like everyone else. surprisingly, he didn't put up a fight.
i like planes!
when the plane was in the air, there was a short period of dead silence from the little guy. he was soaking in a lot of stuff he didn't know how to talk about yet. the situation soon passed.
our rental car, the ford edge. man, what a great ride. it was fast and roomy. i felt right at home and hardly ever gave the beautiful mrs k the keys. 22.5 mpg under my lead foot!
the gorgeous hanna k in the lobby of our hotel. she was a veteran disney chick, having already been there, done that in 2005 with us. this time, she was able to ride all of the adult rides, too.
me and the goofball crew. we were waiting for the shuttle to take us to the magic kingdom. we parked the rental car, dragged our bags up to the room, and away we went.
deanna and the goofball crew on the monorail. eli is obviously sighting some kind of treasure on the baseboards.
even though tyson has chosen to show us his best mickey rooney impression, this photo is near and dear to me because we have a similar one with the big kids from the 2005 trip...before the little general was born.
priceless. quite a few times on the trip, we would be treated to the uncontrolled elation of eli. this was the first one i caught on film. we arrived at the magic kingdom just in time for the afternoon parade. i believe this is when he saw goofy and donald duck on their float.
deanna and tyson in the tea cup. this was the first ride we rode in 2005. i have to dig out the old photos to see just how little tyson was.
the kids, sitting on minnie mouse's fireplace. eli is trying to figure out how to get some of her cool stuff on the plane for the ride home.
hanna and i waiting to see the show at the castle.
the beautiful mrs k and the boys. eli had a blast, as there were plenty of pyrotechnics and tons of action.
the boys were ZONKED on the way back to the hotel. they gave all they could and it wasn't enough.
great photo of the first morning in the hotel. the boys nearly pushed poor hanna off the bed, as they are total flip floppers when they sleep. we fashioned a little bed out of pillows and covers for eli to sleep on the floor the rest of the time. he liked it, and the other kids got more sleep.
eli really liked breakfast with pluto and goofy.
last photo with my camera, as the battery was a special rechargeable and, surprise, we didn't bring the charger. goofy was a great breakfast host. tyson is doing his best "alien" impression.

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