Monday, November 09, 2009

cyclocross in north county

bellfontain neighbors cross race yesterday. i had a good start. i was feeling quite good...freshly shaved legs, good weather, technical course with lots of turns. bring it on!! i was in the top three at the end of the first lap.
still concentrating hard, but beginning to fade in lap 3. those hard starts are hard on the old body.
whooosh! that whooshing sound was none other than josh johnson and kurt fletcher literally flying by on the barriers sometime in the first third of the race. josh would go on to win, kurt was top five. hmmm, maybe i should start slower like josh?
dammit, i want my 10th place! i fought it out with a couple of different groups of guys. one by one, i shed them. but drew black stuck it all the way out to the finish. i had to dig deep to beat him out of 10th. to the spectators, it may have looked like a couple of 18 wheelers drag racing backward up a mountain pass, but to us it was a battle to the death. today, i'm sore and tired and crabby.

damn, i love racing.

thanks to dennis fickinger and mike d for the photos.

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Drew said...

That was a great last lap you put in. I saw the horse power after the gravel and knew I was beat. Good work and Great Race!!