Sunday, November 08, 2009

keeping the little general entertained, a day with the great manipulator

when the big kids are with their other parents for the weekend, it's a tough job to keep the little general entertained. he's very intense and engaging, using up every ounce of our mental energy. above, he's challenging my sense of aesthetic by wearing his cars jammies along with his rubber fireman boots.
dad: eli, are you ready to get dressed?
eli: dad, you're in front of the tv!
happy as a clam at the playground. only, he's not happy about the playground toys. oh, no. he doesn't even want to play on them. he wants me to play hide and seek with him. i tell him we could have done that at home in our own yard. he's already counting to ten, signaling to me that it's time to hide. "one, two, seven, eleven, thirteen, seventeen, seven...."
upon arriving home from the playground, he insists that we need to buy a leaf blower. i tell him that we have one already. he says it doesn't work. i tell him that it does. he says the cord doesn't reach. i show him that it does. ah, i get it. he made me argue with him about the blower so that i would get it out to show him that it worked, and he took over after that.
he's a tough little guy. he learned how to hold it with both hands to aim it where he wanted the leaves to go. they mostly went where we could scoop them into the yard waste bags. mostly.

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