Sunday, October 12, 2008

west county y kids tri

today was the inaugural west county ymca kids triathlon. not only was the beautiful mrs k down for helping out with the race, the flying ghisallo duo of hanna and tyson were out to prove that they were not just fast gateway cup racers. getting up before dawn, we dragged our tired, weary bones down to chesterfield.tyson's skinny little legs were churning up the pavement after a pretty bad swim. his transitions were stellar and he ran down a lot of the kids in front of him. his bike was great, of course.
hanna redeemed herself after the awful swim she had at st. albans in the spring. she touched the wall with the fast kids and had a fine bike and a great run. i ran beside her to keep her moving, as she prefers the 30 second gateway cup races over endurance events. (don't worry, it was legal for parents to help in this race)
there she is, after the finish. all smiles. she had her whole crew at west county cheering her on, including her mom and grandma.
the little guy uttered not a single complaint, despite being woken up at 5am. he looks the part of the lazy college kid in the frat house here, with his football shirt on and jammie bottoms. notice the smashed cookies in his hands. see the water behind him? sorry if you didn't get any water after the race, eli was busy draining it all on the ground....
mrs k was helping with scoring. this was no professional event, it only happened due to the volunteers at the y and people like deanna and kevin, as well as dianne bain and her family. tyson looks like he forgot something.
after their races, the kids got in on the finish line action. they were handing the finishers ribbons for participating, as well as cheering on the racers.
the eldest bain child, rockin' the ghisallo tri outfit. i think she won her division. way to go!

eli with remnants of food table carnage behind him. he was quite the entertainer, running laps around the finish line area when there was a lull in the action.

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