Tuesday, October 14, 2008

deanna's Trek PROJECT ONE Madone

the beautiful mrs k really loved her orbea diva. it was light, beautiful, and it was called "diva" after all. but, the trek project one has been revamped and it's been hard to resist the killer new madones in custom colors. after a brief but nail biting wait, ups showed up at the door today with this:deanna spent a couple of hours one night last month going over and over options, and she came up with an amazing combination of colors and parts. at the moment, the project one is only being built with the top of the line red carbon by trek, i.e., the 6.5 and 6.9. this is a 6.5 WSD madone.
right there at the top of the headtube is as good of a reason as any to choose a project one.
frame colors, decal style, cable colors, components, wheels with matching decals...it's all customizable on the project one site. it came out to 16 pounds even on the scale, despite the carbon clincher wheel weight.
a nice little touch, don't you think? ghisallo in our own script!

that's the smile of a new bike owner. she said the bike felt like she could go out and hammer. i suppose that's the feeling you ought to have when you get a new bike, isn't it?


Davey B said...

whoa! that things sa-weeeet!

Valverdes got nothin on you!

Ted said...

Zowie - the beautiful Mrs. K is going to become the beautiful Mrs. Krush on that thing! Sweet.