Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my little buddy is not here tonight

i'm very sad tonight. rosco is spending the night in the doggie hospital. he started the day off pretty badly at 5:45 by having an accident in our room, and spent most of the early afternoon vomiting. luckily, i took him to grandma's today and she took him to the emergency vet. he's got some sort of intestinal bug that he wasn't going to get rid of on his own. he was severely dehydrated so he's been getting an IV and tlc from the vet. i had to go check on him on my way home from work. they were very nice and let me hold him for a while. he seemed so sad and fragile. he didn't move much, but he really liked me scratching his back. i hope i get to bring him home tomorrow, it's a different place without my shadow.


Dan Schmatz said...

Crossing our fingers for you.

TK said...

thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about the little guy today.