Friday, October 03, 2008

field trip: a grand day out

hanna's school had a field trip for the third graders today. first stop: purina farms. it's a cool place, with all kinds of things to do for the kids. lots of animals for them to pet and play with. the highlight is the dog show, where various australian shepards and jack russells wow the crowd with mad frisbee skills. from there, a short drive to:
meramec caverns. for decades, i've seen the cheesy signs along interstate 44 that boast of "the greatest show under the earth." for whatever reason, even those outlandish claims have never been enough to entice me into those caves. i'm fairly schlock proof. but today, i became a convert. the big group of third graders and half again as many parents filed into the caves, following a tour guide that probably had another calling as a late night comedian. let me say, wow. what amazing sights! you do not have to be a fan of geology to be completely floored by the rock formations and underground rivers. truly amazing. hanna was almost as impressed as i was.

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