Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bike riding and running

enjoy this random eli photo with random rams hoodie. you can see the beautiful mrs k in the background, and on her side is the furry little guy, who has recovered nicely from the atomic stomach flu.

i have been riding my bikes lately. i made it out to lost valley and castlewood last week, and i rode the c'dale home from work twice last week.

today, the temps improved and i got out after work for my loop o' wildwood. doberman never ceases to amaze me. it's just not that hard. yet, it is.

on a strang-er note, i have been continuing with my pathetic plodding along that can be mistaken for running. i plod quickly, maybe 7:30's or so. it just feels better than plodding at, say, 9:30's. not very far yet. slightly over 2 miles. this long, slow progression has insured that my knees don't revolt.

believe it or not, i did participate in biathlons (now called duathlons?) back in the early 90's, and my running was not so terrible. it usually left me with a 1/3 of the field to pass on the bike. many times i would work my way up to a top 10 or so once on the bike, even a top 3 a few times. back in those days, there were also mtn bike biathlons, which i enjoyed more, but they were rare.

i also throw in some stair running here and there. it's a nice change of pace.

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