Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cross bike happenings

i guess it comes as no surprise that i've pretty much abandoned my cross aspirations for this season. usually, there is a reverse correlation between how nice my cross bike is vs. how many races i do....i.e., hot bike, no races, crappy bike, more races. i guess i don't have to explain what's happening now.

so, i have this spiffy cx9 cannondale all set up for cross. carbon tubulars. single chainring. yada, yada, yada. well, since i'm using it as a road bike, that single 42t chainring is a bit soft on the tailwind sections. that changed today. i just put a normal 39/53 combination on it, if for no other reason than to have a bigger gear for the trainer.

i'm having trouble with the thought of getting rid of it. sure, there's davey b and of course neumann, who would gladly ride it off into the sunset if i so much as turn my back on them at a drinking fountain. but i really like it, even more so as a road bike. and it looks pimpin'. eventually, i guess, i'll need a road bike. it's just hard to grasp the idea of liking a bike more than this one.


Daniel B. said...

You still have the Moots, right?

Anonymous said...

I think it's killer that you dig that bike as much as you do. That's been pretty rare over the years. That's precisely how I feel about the Alma. It's ok to have a bad ass bike and not be the fastest guy in the state. Just enjoy riding it.

You're right though...I'd take that thing just like I stole your glasses. But then I'd have to race cross and I'm enjoying the change of pace that the longer stuff provides.


TK said...

moots had to go bye-bye.

rare indeed, for me to love a bike. it's just got 'that thing' about it, whatever that is.