Saturday, April 01, 2017

Everybody Wants to see Hanna Play Soccer

 I haven't been able to see Hanna play a soccer game yet this year.  However, I had a golden opportunity on Friday evening to see the Perryville team play Windsor.  You can see the super star in the photo above, she's got the green kit on and the stylish long, black socks.
 It was a great game even though Hanna's team lost 1-0.  She wasn't too bummed, though.
A bigger story is the very large squad that came out to see her play!  Here was a nice representation of those that showed up....but this is not everyone.  There was Grandma and Grandpa (Hanna's other grandma Julie was there, too, but not in the photo) Tyson, Deanna, the star herself, Me, Eli, my oldest brother Gregg, Hanna's brother Gavin, and my other brother Nick and his wife Angie.  Photo credit to Melissa Hemmann, Hanna's mom, who also didn't get into the photo with us.

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