Friday, April 21, 2017

Cobra Header Repair by Master Steve

I slowly came to the realization that there was a problem with the passenger side exhaust header on the Cobra.  A bit of popping while accelerating at first, and then some oily residue around the cylinder one header primary.  Sure enough, there was a crack in the primary, right next to the weld.
It took about an hour, but I didn't even have to lift the car.  The headers shoot straight out, perpendicular to the engine and bolt up to the side pipes just as the pipes exit the body under the rocker panel.  Easy, if somewhat hard on the back.
Odd looking square flange with 8 mounting bolts, this is the connection point with the side pipe.  The gasket is toast so I have to source one of those.
And there it is.  A tiny crack across the primary.  Being a rather rich running monster engine, a lot of black, unburned gasoline drips from this little crack when the car is running.
 I actually pulled the header straight up and out when I removed the last header bolt.  Again, easy.
 I supported the side pipe with a handy house hold item since it was no longer secured by the header.
I made the trek south to visit Master Steve.  If you work on cars, you want to be like Steve.  Trust me.  His talents are endless and he is the most down to Earth wrench I have ever known.  He went to work on the primary with a wire wheel to get a good surface to weld upon.
Then the welding started.  It was quick.  I won't show you the other projects that Steve is working on because you'll just be jealous.  Suffice to say, this little project didn't tax the master much.
And there we are.  I'll hit this with some high temp exhaust header paint and it will be back in business and glorious.

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