Sunday, April 02, 2017

Climbing Hills - All the Cool Old Guys Do It

 The Fastest Bike I've Ever Owned

I took the bull by the horns today piloted the C12 (that's Cannondale Caad12 to those that want to know) deep into Jefferson County.  There are two hills that I hate, hate, hate to climb.  That's Weede in either direction and Miller Road coming north from MM.  I made SURE to include those into today's ride.  For good measure, I added Hillcrest, Old Antonio, Rock Creek Valley and Schenk.  Schenk has got to be close to making it on the hate list, but I think it would not be so hard if I didn't hit Weede first, which I usually do.  All in all, it was an amazing day on the bike in some pretty darn good weather conditions.
45 miles, 4000 feet of climbing, 17.8 average speed, and almost 2000 calories.  What's for dinner???

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