Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Brakes for the Mustang

 I've been getting the shudder while braking on the Mustang for a while now.  I have put off changing the rotors because it's a dirty job.  It's not hard, exactly, but it is time consuming and dirty.  These fresh front rotors and new pads went on quite easily, pretty much done in 90 minutes.  The old rotors were certainly toast, but the old pads could have been reused.  But, since I was already in there, out with the old and in with the new.
On the test drive, I noticed still a bit of shudder.  Just as I feared, the rear rotors were warped as well.  Dang, and I HATE doing rear brakes.  The pistons in the rear calipers are always recalcitrant and these were particularly hard.  After a couple of hours of hate, I called Marty and he gave me the 911.  Off to Autozone I went and got a piston tool and the job was finished soon after.

I'm still sore and my fingernails still have dirt under them.

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