Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kona Hei Hei 29er Part Two

Early in the year I showed you a Hei Hei Supreme.  We ended up using it as a demo at the shop and one of the guys bought it and is going to be racing it.  I started feeling the pains of separation from my favorite full suspension bike.  So I got one for myself and pimped it.  While I left my Felt Nine as an XTR bike, I had to present this one as a Sram bike...complete with the new XX Grip Shift.  I am a twist shift fan, and this stuff blows away my old stuff.  One parts spec that is not in line with the Sram stuff is the XT brake set.  I'm not giving that up, and if I do, it will be for the Hayes Prime Pro's.  Brake feel is a personal thing, and so far I'm a slave to the XT's and the Prime's.  This bad boy is all delicious, all the time.

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