Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter and Eli's Birthday

 Eli and the Easter Bunny.
 Eli launching into his egg hunt.
 Whoa, he's got his hands on the goods!
 Digging for every last one.
 Tyson was in on the action.  Here, it looks like he is dancing.
 I didn't think Eli had gathered that many eggs, but here is the evidence.
 Glamor shots with Hanna.
 Max and Hanna having a discussion during a hot box game.
 Deanna lifting Tyson up to a tree limb for the hidden eggs.
 Max and Hanna having a moment.
 Everybody ends up playing hot box, even Flannery.  Her birthday is in two days.
 Hey guys, it's my 6th birthday....check out this cake!!
 No, Hanna and Tyson were NOT drinking wine with dinner.
 Aunt Denise just had a birthday, Eli's birthday is today, and Flannery's birthday is Tuesday.
Eli was making fishy faces waiting for his turn to open presents.

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