Monday, April 30, 2012

More Movie Cars

 Someone mentioned the Munstermobile, the macabre rumble-seat equipped car of the Munster family.  Man, I bet this thing drove like crap.  But, it's cool and I bet cruising this down your favorite road would make you feel like a movie star.
Another crazy creation by George Barris (Batmobile, Monkeemobile, Munstermobile, etc) was the mean machine from the bad 1977 movie, The Car.  It was actually a 1971 Lincoln Mark III.  I really like this thing.
Speaking of the Batmobile...I feel that this car reigns supreme in all of cardom.  Produced from a 1955 Ford Futura concept car, the Batmobile was just too much for my adolescent mind.  In reality, it weighed nearly 3 tons and was motivated by a pedestrian Ford 390 V8.  That's OK...I'll keep pretending that it was the baddest car ever.  Plus, it had parachutes.

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