Monday, January 30, 2012

Ah, riding the road bike OUTSIDE

Although I have ridden my mountain bike outdoors at least once a week for weeks on end now, I have only ridden my road bike indoors since the middle of December.  But, this last week has been too muddy to ride off road.  Imagine my happiness whilst taking the old Fastback off of the trainer and hitting the road yesterday!

Great ride.  I really wanted to go for an easy spin, but it ended up much harder than it should have been.  To top it off, while doing a lap of Jefferson Barracks, I had to put the B's on somebody.  I had just swiftly passed a group of riders (waving as I went by) and one guy returned the favor by drafting me down a hill and attacking me up the next!  Awwww, Hail Naw!  I turned on the old man afterburners and put that to rest.  So much for an easy spin.

I also took a quick lap through the cemetery.  I can never remember the street nor the plot where my dad is, so I just made the most of it and enjoyed the view of the cobalt blue Mississippi.

What a great day.

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