Monday, January 23, 2012

Hanna is closing in on 12 years old

 Hanna turns 12 in a few days, and as a special treat, we asked her to vacuum the living room!  Ok, not really.  But she is a very good housekeeper. 
 Like in past years, we got together with the Buck family to celebrate because cousin Max's birthday is within days of Hanna's.  And all the cousins get together and play stuff.
 Eli can have fun with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Here, he just finished tormenting one of Max's friends.
 I took six or seven photos where Hanna's eyes were closed.  I just decided to go ahead and use this one.  Hey, nice coat!
 Deanna made sure her eyes were WIDE open for this one!
 Ah, finally a photo of Hanna with her eyes open!  And, I think Max's eyes are open, but it's hard to see with the abundance of hair.
Max had no trouble blowing his candles out.  Hanna tried multiple times.  Maybe they were trick candles?  Happy birthday kids.

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