Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Bad Blogger's Look Back at 2011

I keep saying that I am glad that 2011 is over.  So far, 2012 is looking pretty darn good, even if judged simply by weather standards.

2011, The Good
The kids are growing like weeds, and each started new grades in school.  For Eli, it was his first year of school, as he started Kindergarten.  Tyson and Hanna started 5th and 6th grades, respectively.  And just like every good parent, I tell everyone how smart they are. 

Deanna started with US Bank and is going along very well.  She says I can't have a Lamborghini just yet but I'm holding out for early retirement.

I was graciously tasked with the position of Manager at Big Shark's new West location in Chesterfield Valley.  It has been the best work experience of my life and I'm thankful for that opportunity.  I can see big things for the store in the near future...hopefully very near because, as stated above, retirement should be just around the corner!  

2011, The Bad
The year started out pretty badly with both the beautiful Mrs. K and I having medical issues.  For me they are ongoing and I pretty much struggle every day with stomach issues.  I feel petty complaining about it, because I know so many more people that live with so much worse.  Nonetheless, it's made for a very challenging year.

We lost our wonderful friend, Rocky.  He's been a huge part of our family, and it's still tough.  At the same time that Rocky became ill, Rosco began having stomach trouble, probably sympathy pains for me.  He still struggles with bladder problems, but we have requisitioned  Grandma's dog Carmel to keep Rosco (and us all) company.

Going Forward
We have a lot to look forward to this year.  Hanna is on a select volleyball team, Tyson is playing basketball and will play baseball in the spring as well as do a few mountain bike races.  Eli...well, Eli has nothing but good things ahead.  Deanna is doing a half marathon in April, and she and I are going to France for a week long riding tour of the Tour de France bicycle race.

....and, I hope to be a better blogger, whatever that means.

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Mark Ewers said...

We're stronger for it, but I'm with you. Glad 2011 is done, and looking forward to a much better 2012.

It's gonna be awesome, so be ready for it.