Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ice Skating with a BFF

Eli is always bored and looking for fun when his older siblings are not around.  Thus, he called his BFF Sydney to go ice skating with us at Webster.
Sydney and Eli were chomping at the bit to get onto the ice.  In the meantime, we watched the Zamboni machine.
With his walker in hand, eli blasted around the rink.  He was doing quite well.
I was standing next to the glass and this came up.
The beautiful Mrs K was tearing the ice up.  Here she was helping Sydney with walker.
The rink became rather crowded and the ice walkers became quite the rage.  If you didn't keep your eye on your ice walker, it would be gone.
I have no idea what Eli is doing here.  Can you tell he's wearing Tyson's gloves?  We left soon after this because the kids were so darn tired.  Apparently it's hard to skate around with those walkers.

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