Friday, November 05, 2010

riding chubb trail

this is my third day in a row riding my mountain bike. i went to cliff cave on wednesday and thursday, which turned out to be really fun. but for today, i wanted to turn up the heat a bit and i went to the old stand-by, chubb trail.

and i needed to turn up the heat, as it was cold today. it was still in the 30's by noon. i wasn't going to wimp out, though. i went riding anyway.

the trail was super challenging. the lack of rain around hear means lots of loose gravel, and on top of that were tons of leaves. no matter. i went up and down and sped all around. i spent the better part of two hours there, all on the west tyson side. now my body is sore.

i have to stop forgetting how much fun mountain biking is.

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Chris said...

I fell asleep on the deck today in a t-shirt and shorts. Best fall we've had since I've been here.