Sunday, November 07, 2010

my wife is a good woman

seriously, how many women would do this for their husband? she took her entire saturday, along with eli, to find a cool car for me. well, for all of us really. it's a 2010 mustang convertible.
it has the cool saddle leather interior and all of the options.
love the rear view!
very clean ride. it's used, but we're not ballers and it cost half that of a 2011, and half of what a gt would cost. i saw it this morning for the first time in the light and i'm already in love with it.

the beautiful mrs k is a good woman.

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Brian H. said...

Nice ride! I bet you could throw a bike in that back seat, too. You know, if you had to. Used is the way to go, all the fun at half the cost!