Sunday, November 21, 2010

full moon

i've been a mountain biking fool lately. i was motivated by a posting on stlbiking by eric pirtle a few weeks back. he stated that it was pretty silly to be riding road bikes in grassy fields (cyclocross racing) when the weather and the trails were so great right now. i took that to heart and i have been off-road 11 days in the last 3 weeks. somewhat of a record for me.

today, since mt. pleasant winery is such a great venue for a cross race, i decided to take some of my off-road prowess to the cross course there. last year, it was a real ball buster due to the climbing nature of the course, so i figured my mountain bike would be a great tool for the job. and, this year's course was again a climbers course, as well as a course with MANY tough corners. my theory proved sound.

i had a good start, never fell back very far, and finished 7th. i'm proud of my 7th. that cross stuff is hard. and i could not have done it without my own personal cheering section that consisted of the beautiful mrs k, eli, aunt katie and uncle kevin. and to top it off, there were throngs of crazy cross fans around the course and i heard so many cheering for me. there were a few "go mountain bike guy" cheers which was pretty cool, too.

so the full moon usually means that people act weird. this time, the full moon was kind and it turned out to be a stellar day.


Scott said...

You and your beautiful Mrs K drive faster than I am comfortable with on 94. I was behind you... I think. And I was nervous but figured it was my only chance of holding your wheel:)

TK said...

ha! that is funny. she was cookin' in the mustang and i didn't want her to drop me whist i was driving the king kong flex. i guess that was you in the subaru!