Sunday, November 14, 2010

biking and weekend recap

this past week, i rode my mountain bike 3 times. wednesday, i rode at greensfelder and traced the race loop that was used earlier this year, plus a couple times down the greenrock from the end of the dogwood. quite fun, but i ran out of time, tragically spending only a little more than an hour. friday was my day off, so i revisited greensfelder. perfect weather, great trail...ah, two hours on honest single track is all i can ask for these days. plus, i ran into some horseback riders that were actually NICE to me. wow.

saturday, deanna and i took the family to our super secret trails. we met kevin and katie there. first we hiked a bit, then kevin, deanna, and i took to the trails with our bikes. after a couple of spectacular endo's, mrs k dismounted and played with the kids. i took off on my own for a hot lap and called it a day.

hanna and tyson did a little exploratory hiking of their own while we were out. they even packed their own backpacks full of supplies.

we ended saturday night with a harry potter episode. we started sunday morning with another harry potter episode. then we did yard work. it's amazing how much we can get done when all of the kakouris family gets to work. i even vacuumed the carpet in the flex and took the kids for ted drewes.

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